About Stenio’s Story

If you had the chance to go through childhood photos of Stenio’s Story, you’d probably be fascinated more by the the actual photo as a whole, rather than himself as a child. As a matter of fact, you might be fascinated by both just as much, in all honesty. It’s as if since a toddler (even younger), he was meant to stand out and be outstanding in doing so. Photos of him posing with a flute in his retro attire, having a “kool-aid” smile with his hat backwards in an “old school rapper’s stance”, and him looking out in the distance with a pen and paper in his hand would be photos to catch the attention of those who truly believe that a picture is worth a thousand words. In the case of Stenio’s Story, let’s make that a thousand and one.

Born in Lowell, Massachusetts on Saturday, October 12, 1991, at Lowell General Hospital, music was something that surrounded Stenio’s Story. His mother had an amazing voice for singing and his father was in a church musical group, singing and playing the piano as well. With an environment like that, it was destined that Stenio’s Story be the mogul that he is on the pursuit of becoming.

At the young age of 9 years old, Stenio’s Story wrote his very first song. Three years later, at the adolescent age of 12, he performed in front of his entire middle school, James S. Daley Middle School, winning the best performance for the talent show. Since then, Stenio’s Story has accomplished many great things such as being featured on DJ Green Lantern’s You’ll See Vol. 1, being the youngest artist in Massachusetts featured on a major mixtape, as well as being the founder and President of his own artist development imprint, Fetti Over Betti LLC/Fetti Over Betti®.

On Saturday, November 1st, 2014, Stenio’s Story released his debut EP, “Diary of Stenio Bellevue Jr.”, selling nearly 1,000 hard-copies independently to this day. Such an achievement caught the attention of HipHopSince1987, featuring his most recent hits, “Schizophrenic”, “Either Way”, and “Fetti Right” on the new home of Hip-Hop.

© 2015 Fetti Over Betti®. All Rights Reserved.

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