A Change In The Weather Or A Change In Society?

Bright, sunny days are coming to an end as the bright-colored leaves begin to fall and hit the ground. Cool nights become cold ones and we’re now trading in our shorts for some sweatpants. Crazy how mother nature works, right? Well, that’s not the only change. Unfortunately, Stenio’s Story’s hometown has been dealing with a great deal of change seeing how three Lowellians have lost their lives in the beginning of the week due to the same cause (and it’s only Thursday).

“This is heroin…”, as Stenio’s Story states in the beginning of the first verse to his latest release, “Fetti Right”, off of his debut EP, “Diary of Stenio Bellevue Jr.”. State statistics show that 73% of deaths are related to overdoses of the epidemic, making it Massachusetts’ leading cause of injury deaths as of today. Like 2pac said in one of his interviews while incarcerated before his passing, “listen to the lyrics. Don’t just bop your head to the beat.” Pay attention as Stenio’s Story paints an extreme, graphic image of some of the unfortunate scenarios using his gifted wordplay, sound, and energy.

Stenio's Story - Fetti Right artwork 2

So what makes Stenio’s Story’s voiced opinion on heroin abuse different from anyone else? He is promoting the fact that people should appreciate life and find something they can call their own; a home, a business, etc. instead of falling in the wrong traps that can lead you to losing your life. Like Stenio’s Story says in the chorus of “Fetti Right”, “I know I ain’t perfect, but I know life is worth it.”

Today, Elevator Magazine, based out of Chicago, Illinois, featured Stenio’s Story’s new record which can be heard by clicking the link below.

Direct Link: http://www.elevatormag.com/stenios-story-fetti-right/

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