Stenio’s Story’s Debut EP, “Diary Of Stenio Bellevue Jr.” Is Now Available Throughout The United States

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Purchase Stenio’s Story’s debut EP, “Diary of Stenio Bellevue Jr.” today! His distinct voice and “far-from-the-norm” style allows you to know a Stenio’s Story song whenever it is being played. Touching topics ranging from “suicidal thoughts” to “leading by example”, there’s a favorite song for everyone to enjoy on this brand new EP. With a majority of the production from Stenio’s Story’s main producer, Basquiat, who produced the record “Christ Conscious” for the notably recognized New York rapper, Joey Bada$$, you’ll come to realize that this body of work is a guaranteed classic that we know you will enjoy and listen to on a day-to-day. By showing his appreciation for your purchase, every EP is personally autographed by Stenio’s Story.

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